Banane tropicale

Banane tropicale


Rafraîchissant, mais décadent. Ce dessert rétro léger et luxueux a été repris avec une touche exotique, parfait pour les chaudes nuits d'été. Offrez-vous une infusion de thé blanc qui imite les bananes grillées, les mangues et l'ananas, garnie de copeaux de noix de coco et de crème fouettée.

"Les propriétés super hydratantes de ce mélange de thé contribuent à la guérison de la peau, préviennent les imperfections et reconstituent les niveaux d'hydratation"

- Ingrédients naturels et biologiques

- 100% végétal et végétalien

- Sans sucres raffinés ni édulcorants

  • Ingredients

    White peony tea (Bai Mudan), freeze-dried pineapple, mango and banana, coconut, baobab and aloe vera powder, blackberry leaves, sunflower petals and natural flavouring 

    Made in small batches where allergens may be present

  • What is "Aloe Vera" Powder?

    "Aloe Vera is known fondly as the “Plant of Immortality” and is an evergreen perennial, originating from the Arabian Peninsula. However, it also grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates around the world. Its beneficial enzymes make it one of the finest herbs for skin, which is why it's widely cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses; these include healing burns, improving digestive health, clearing acne and dry skin conditions.'

    "The concentrated powder retains the natural polysaccharides and other valuable nutritional components of fresh aloe vera gel. High in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, the powder is made by allowing the leaves and the inner-gel substance of the aloe vera plant to dry in the sun, before being ground into powder form."